The redox states of basic and silicic magmas: a reflection of their source regions?

  title={The redox states of basic and silicic magmas: a reflection of their source regions?},
  author={Ian Carmichael},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
  • I. Carmichael
  • Published 1991
  • Geology
  • Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology
At present the best estimates of the oxygen fugacity of spinel-lherzolites that could be the source material of basic magmas is about five log units below the Ni−NiO buffer to one above it. However partially glassy basic lavas, ranging from MORBs to minettes, all with olivine on their liquidus, cover a wider range, and may have oxygen fugacities that extend to four log units above NNO. Surprisingly the range of oxygen fugacities observed in silicic lavas and ashflows with quartz phenocrysts is… 

The oxidation state of metasomatised mantle wedge: insights from C-H-bearing garnet peridotite

Oxygen fugacity (fO2) is an important parameter in determining the relative stabilities of phase assemblages.Whereas a number of studies have been devoted to determining the redox state of

Multiple ways of producing intermediate and silicic rocks within Thingmúli and other Icelandic volcanoes

Major and trace element compositions of rocks and coexisting phenocrysts of the Thingmúli volcano suggest a revision of the existing models for the formation of intermediate and silicic melts in

The Occurrence of Forsterite and Highly Oxidizing Conditions in Basaltic Lavas from Stromboli Volcano, Italy

We report the occurrence of unusual, high-magnesium (Fo96) olivine phenocrysts in a basaltic lava and an ejected lithic block from the Upper Vancori period ( 13 ka) and the recent activity

Control of redox state and Sr isotopic composition of granitic magmas: a critical evaluation of the role of source rocks

ABSTRACT: The current underlying assumption in most geochemical studies of granitic rocks is that granitic magmas reflect their source regions. However, the mechanisms by which source rocks control



Oxidation states of the upper mantle recorded by megacryst ilmenite in kimberlite and type A and B spinel lherzolites

The intrinsic oxygen fugacities of homogeneous, inclusion-free, megacryst ilmenites from the Frank Smith, Excelsior, Sekameng and Mukorob kimberlite pipes in southern Africa, and the alnöitic breccia

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A suite of 35 fresh basalt glasses collected in >1000-m water depth from 16 localities on or near the Juan de Fuca Ridge and 17 localities elsewhere in the Atlantic and Pacific basins were examined

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The co-existing microphenocrysts of magnetite and ilmenite together with the ferromagnesian silicates in salic volcanic rocks have been analysed with the electron microprobe. The temperatures and

Mantle Oxidation State and Its Relationship to Tectonic Environment and Fluid Speciation

Calculations indicate that high Fe3+ contents are stabilized in the garnet structure and that fo2 deareases with increasing depth, and indicate that the asthenosphere, although reducing, has CO2 and H2O as its major fluid species.

Iron-Titanium Oxide Phenocrysts in Compositionally Zoned Ash-Flow Sheets from Southern Nevada

Electron-microprobe analyses of coexisting magnetite and ilmenite phenocrysts from four compositionally zoned ash-flow sheets of the Paintbrush and Timber Mountain Tuffs, southern Nevada, show

Minette lavas and associated leucitites from the western front of the Mexican Volcanic Belt: petrology, chemistry, and origin

During the late Pliocene, K-rich minette and leucitite lavas erupted in the western Mexican Volcanic Belt near the town of Los Volcanes, a region which is located much closer to the Middle America

The oxidation state of the Earth's sub-oceanic mantle from oxygen thermobarometry of abyssal spinel peridotites

THE oxygen fugacity (fO2), or redox state, of the Earth's mantle is an important parameter in the evolution of mantle-derived magmatic rocks. Most estimates of the upper-mantle redox state have been

An estimate of the juvenile sulfur content of basalt

Sulfur analyses by X-ray fluorescence give an average content of 107 ppm for 9 samples of fresh subaerially-erupted oceanic basalt and 680 ppm for 38 samples of submarine erupted basalt. This