The rediscovery of industrial dynamics: the contribution of system dynamics to supply chain management in a dynamic and fragmented world

  title={The rediscovery of industrial dynamics: the contribution of system dynamics to supply chain management in a dynamic and fragmented world},
  author={Henk A. Akkermans and Nico P. Dellaert},
  journal={System Dynamics Review},
The field of supply chain management (SCM) almost started with the publication of Forrester’s Industrial Dynamics, but it seems that the relevance of this seminal publication for the field of system dynamics has never been so relevant for the field of SCM than today. In this introduction to the special issue of the System Dynamics Review on the Dynamics of Supply Chains and Networks, the authors make this statement on the basis of the articles that have found their way into this special issue… Expand
Evolution of system dynamics in supply chain management
Recent works in the area of SD are presented, the issues in research as they have evolved in these areas are discussed and category wise details of work done under the banner of application of SD in SCM are discussed to present a comprehensive view of the two issues. Expand
From waste to value – a system dynamics model for strategic decision-making in closed-loop supply chains
A model is developed that allows an original equipment manufacturer in the electronics industry to test different value recovery strategies for business-to-business products in a closed-loop supply chain setting and identifies leverage points for the improvement of decisions concerning reverse logistics. Expand
Analysis of Chaotic Behaviour in Supply Chain Variables
A generic structure model that comprehends factory links, distribution, wholesale, retail and the client is constructed and the difficulty of operations and logistics managers to decide how much to order and when to do it is simulated accordingly to what occurs in the links of the preceding and subsequent levels. Expand
Reducing bullwhip oscillation in a supply chain: a system dynamics model-based study
The purpose of this paper is to study a third complementary strategy of lengthening inventory replenishment times to see if further reductions in the bullwhip effect can be observed. Expand
System Dynamics Modeling in Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
The model proposed a dynamic hypothesis that defines the following issue: what is the impact of the AM characteristics and processes in the SC, evidencing reduction times in production, especially in products that require greater complexity and detail. Expand
Application of Dynamic Analysis in a Centralised Supply Chain
This chapter presents dynamic analysis of a model of a centralised supply chain. The research was conducted within the manufacturing sector and involved the breathing equipment manufacturer DraegerExpand
Capacity expansion decision in supply chains: A control theory application
The study shows that financial reporting delays can distract capacity expansion decisions, which signifies that they are as important as delivery lead time and can position a supply chain in distress by creating huge backlogs and concludes that a balanced policy is desirable. Expand
System Dynamics in Integration of Supply Chain Management
This paper aims to provide an insight that why and whether system dynamics has application in integration of supply chain management and to suggest a suitable model for studying the concept. Expand
Toward a Theory of Multi-Tier Supply Chain Management
Recent trends toward outsourcing and global sourcing have created longer, more complex and more fragmented supply chains. In this research, we aim to instigate a theoretical development of multi-tierExpand
Simulation in the supply chain context:matching the simulation tool to the problem
The supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage for the firm. Simulation is an effective tool for investigating supply chain problems. The three main simulation approaches in the supplyExpand


The impact of ERP on supply chain management: Exploratory findings from a European Delphi study
Results from a Delphi study on the future impact of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on supply chain management (SCM) are presented and key limitations of current ERP systems in providing effective SCM support emerge. Expand
Virtuous and vicious cycles on the road towards international supply chain management
An increasing number of companies claim to pursue international supply chain management (ISCM), but the empirical evidence of successful implementation programs is still scarce. This paper aims toExpand
The dynamics of managing a life insurance company
This article reports the findings of an internal McKinsey research and development project designed to test the value of applying system dynamics thinking to the life insurance industry. The aim wasExpand
Technical Note: Further insights into ‘the stability of supply chains’
Riddalls and Bennett (2002) presented a stability criterion for a supply chain model in continuous time. It is shown here their solution is in error and the correct stability criterion is provided.Expand
Analysis of a production-inventory control system for a diffusion department
Abstract The dynamic behaviour of an actual production-inventory control system, designed for a diffusion department, is analysed by means of classical control theory. The actual control rule acts onExpand
Travail, transparency and trust: A case study of computer-supported collaborative supply chain planning in high-tech electronics
A theoretical model of the interactions between levels of partner trust and information transparency and resulting improvements in supply chain performance is presented, and this model is explored in an analysis of the collaborative planning case. Expand
System dynamics for business strategy: a phased approach
This paper discusses a four-phased approach to consulting that, building from other system dynamics modeling styles, offers an effective means of developing detailed models while simultaneously educating the client. Expand
Business dynamics : systems thinking and modelling for acomplex world
Requirements for the effective use of system dynamics are discussed and a successful application to a difficult business issue is illustrated. Expand
Renga: A systems approach to facilitating inter-organizational network development
The Renga approach has system-dynamics-based group model building at its core and is shown in a case study of four organizations striving for collaborative supply-chain management in the high-tech electronics industry. Expand
Coordinating Supply Chains by Controlling Upstream Variability Propagation
A coordinated inventory replenishment policy is proposed and analyzed that uses "order smoothing" to reduce order-size variability and thus reduce overall system costs, including both inventory and transportation costs. Expand