The reasons for the success and transformations of the 5 Star Movement

  title={The reasons for the success and transformations of the 5 Star Movement},
  author={R. Biorcio},
  journal={Contemporary Italian Politics},
  pages={37 - 53}
  • R. Biorcio
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Contemporary Italian Politics
This article explains the reasons for the 5 Star Movement’s success at the general election of February 2013, as well as the issues it has to face in order to adapt its organisation and goals to the tasks and challenges ahead, in a political system which has been dominated for the last 20 years by bipolar competition between centre right and centre left. The success of the M5S has not been a chance event, but was built on a movement with an original strategy, developed over many years thanks to… Expand
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These data, and those utilised for the following tables and figures were, unless otherwise specified, drawn from the post-election survey conducted by the research group, ITANES (see ITANES
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