The reactivity of 1,1-dialkoxyalkanes with niobium and tantalum pentahalides. Formation of coordination compounds, C-H and C-C bond activation and the X-ray structure of the stable carboxonium species [Me(2)C=CHC(=OMe)Me][NbCl(5)(OMe)].


The reactions of the pentahalides NbX5 (X = Cl, Br) with the 1,1-dialkoxyalkanes CHR'(OEt)2 or 1,3-dioxolane yield the coordination adducts NbX5[kappa1-(OEt)CHR'(OEt)] (X = Cl, R' = H, 2a; X = Br, R' = H, 2b; X = Cl, R' = Me, 2c; X = Br, R' = Me, 2d) or NbCl5(kappa1-right angle OCH2OCH2C right angle H2), 3, respectively. Compounds 2a-c and 3 are stable at… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/b907774j


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