The re-accomplishment of place in twentieth century Vermont and New Hampshire: history repeats itself, until it doesn’t

  title={The re-accomplishment of place in twentieth century Vermont and New Hampshire: history repeats itself, until it doesn’t},
  author={Jason Kaufman and Matthew Kaliner},
  journal={Theory and Society},
Much recent literature plumbs the question of the origins and trajectories of “place,” or the cultural development of space-specific repertoires of action and meaning. This article examines divergence in two “places” that were once quite similar but are now quite far apart, culturally and politically speaking. Vermont, once considered the “most Republican” state in the United States, is now generally considered one of its most politically and culturally liberal. New Hampshire, by contrast, has… 

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How place shapes taste: The local formation of middle-class residential preferences in two Israeli cities

  • Guy Shani
  • Sociology
    Journal of Consumer Culture
  • 2019
This article studies the preferences of middle-class residents for old or new neighborhoods in two Israeli cities, and describes the ways local social space mediates the translation of the habitus

‘What is up with my sisters? Where are you?’ The origins and consequences of lesbian-friendly place reputations for LBQ migrants

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David Harvey is unquestionably the most influential, as well as the most cited, geographer of his generation. His reputation extends well beyond geography to sociology, planning, architecture,

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Contents: Introduction to Second Edition: Committed scholarship, Jean Hillier and Emma Rooksby Introduction to First Edition, Jean Hillier and Emma Rooksby Habitus, Pierre Bourdieu. Politics of Space

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History repeats itself, but how? City character, urban tradition, and the accomplishment of place

This study shows how places, and by implication other societal units as well, achieve and reproduce distinctiveness. It does this by specifying how actors in two California urban areas, over

The Cumulative Texture of Local Urban Culture

  • G. Suttles
  • History
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1984
Walter Firey's work remains the touchstone of cultural ecology. However, his conception of culture consigned it to a totally subjective realm, rendering its explanatory power retrospective,