The rationality problem for conic bundles

  title={The rationality problem for conic bundles},
  author={Yuri G. Prokhorov},
  journal={Russian Mathematical Surveys},
  pages={375 - 456}
This expository paper is concerned with the rationality problem for three-dimensional algebraic varieties with a conic bundle structure. The main methods of this theory are discussed, proofs of certain principal results are sketched, and some recent achievements are presented. Many open problems are also stated. Bibliography: 209 titles. 

Equivariant minimal model program

The purpose of the survey is to systematize a vast amount of information about the minimal model program for varieties with group actions. We discuss the basic methods of the theory and give sketches

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We give necessary and sufficient conditions for unirationality and rationality of Fano threefolds of geometric Picard rank-1 over an arbitrary field of zero characteristic.

Birational Invariants and Decomposition of the Diagonal

  • C. Voisin
  • Mathematics
    Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana
  • 2019
We give a rather detailed account of cohomological and Chow-theoretic methods in the study of the stable version of the Lroth problem, which ask how to distinguish (stably) rational varieties from

Classification of conic bundles on a rational elliptic surface in any characteristic

Let X be a rational elliptic surface with elliptic fibration π : X → P1 over an algebraically closed field k of any characteristic. Given a conic bundle φ : X → P1 we use numerical arguments to

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This is a survey on the Fano schemes of linear spaces, conics, rational curves, and curves of higher genera in smooth projective hypersurfaces, complete intersections, Fano threefolds, etc.

Rationality and specialization

I discuss recent advances in the study of rationality properties of algebraic varieties, with an emphasis on the specialization method initiated by Voisin.

On the birational geometry of conic bundles over the projective space

Let π : Z → P be a general minimal n-fold conic bundle with a hypersurface BZ ⊂ P n−1 of degree d as discriminant. We prove that if d ≥ 4n+1 then −KZ is not pseudo-effective, and that if d = 4n then

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We classify some special classes of non-rational Fano threefolds with terminal singularities. In particular, all such hyperelliptic and trigonal varieties are found.

On the Rationality of Fano-Enriques Threefolds

. A three-dimensional non-Gorenstein Fano variety with at most canonical singularities is called a Fano-Enriques threefold if it contains an ample Cartier divisor that is an Enriques surface with at

Threefold extremal curve germs with one non-Gorenstein point

An extremal curve germ is the analytic germ of a threefold with terminal singularities along a reduced complete curve admitting a contraction whose fibres have dimension at most one. The aim of the



A rationality criterion for conic bundles

It is that a three-dimensional variety that is a conic bundle in the Mori sense has a base with at most double rational singularities of type . A rationality criterion is proved subject to this

On the existence of complements of the canonical divisor for Mori conic bundles

This paper continues the author's study of extremal contractions in the sense of Mori from three-dimensional varieties onto surfaces. Such contractions occur in a natural way in the birational

Rationality of bundles of conics with degenerate curve of degree five and even theta-characteristic

We consider three-dimensional varieties which can be represented as bundles of conics with degenerate curve C and its two-sheeted unramified covering ∼C. The rationality of such varieties is proved

Birationally Rigid Varieties

Table of Contents:* Introduction * The rationality problem * The method of maximal singularities * Hypertangent divisors * Rationally connected fibre spaces * Fano fibre spaces of P1 * Del Pezzo

On Q-conic bundles, III

A Q-conic bundle germ is a proper morphism from a threefold with only terminal singularities to the germ $(Z \ni o)$ of a normal surface such that fibers are connected and the anti-canonical divisor

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We prove an analogue of Sarkisov's theorem on the existence of a standard model of a conic fibration over an algebraically closed field of characteristic different from two for three-dimensional

Three-dimensional conical fibrations

The investigation of conical fibrations initiated by M. Artin and D. Mumford, and by A. N. Tyurin (for the case of a nonsingular degeneracy divisor) is extended to the general case. The main results

Birational automorphisms of a?class of varieties fibred into cubic surfaces

We investigate the properties of a variety V that is a divisor of bidegree (2,3) in . We calculate the group of its birational automorphisms and prove that V admits no conic bundle structure and is

Conic bundles that are not birational to numerical Calabi--Yau pairs

Let $X$ be a general conic bundle over the projective plane with branch curve of degree at least 19. We prove that there is no normal projective variety $Y$ that is birational to $X$ and such that


The main result of the paper is a nonvanishing theorem that is a sufficient condition for nontriviality of the zeroth cohomology group of inverse sheaves. In addition, applications of this theorem to