The rate of senescence in maternal performance increases with early-life fecundity in red deer.

  title={The rate of senescence in maternal performance increases with early-life fecundity in red deer.},
  author={Daniel H Nussey and Loeske E. B. Kruuk and Alison Donald and Martin K. Fowlie and Tim H Clutton-Brock},
  journal={Ecology letters},
  volume={9 12},
Tradeoffs between reproduction and somatic maintenance are a frequently cited explanation for reproductive senescence in long-lived vertebrates. Between-individual variation in quality makes such tradeoffs difficult to detect and evidence for their presence from wild populations remains scarce. Here, we examine the factors affecting rates of senescence in maternal breeding performance in a natural population of red deer (Cervus elaphus), using a mixed model framework to control for between… CONTINUE READING


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