The rate of base excision repair of uracil is controlled by the initiating glycosylase.

  title={The rate of base excision repair of uracil is controlled by the initiating glycosylase.},
  author={Torkild Visnes and Mansour Akbari and Lars Hagen and Geir Slupphaug and Hans Einar Krokan},
  journal={DNA repair},
  volume={7 11},
Uracil in DNA is repaired by base excision repair (BER) initiated by a DNA glycosylase, followed by strand incision, trimming of ends, gap filling and ligation. Uracil in DNA comes in two distinct forms; U:A pairs, typically resulting from replication errors, and mutagenic U:G mismatches, arising from cytosine deamination. To identify proteins critical to the rate of repair of these lesions, we quantified overall repair of U:A pairs, U:G mismatches and repair intermediates (abasic sites and… CONTINUE READING


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