The radiological assessment of vertebral osteoporosis.

  title={The radiological assessment of vertebral osteoporosis.},
  author={Silvano Adami and D Gatti and Maurizio Rossini and A Adamoli and George H. James and S Girardello and Nicoletta Zamberlan},
  volume={13 Suppl 2},
The traditional skeletal X-ray is of little help in quantifying osteopenia in the spine, and indirect criteria, such as increased lucency, loss of horizontal trabeculae and reduction in end-plate thickness with relatively increased opaqueness, can be misleading. However, the clinical expression of osteoporosis is fracture, which can be identified by radiography. Any reduction in the anterior, middle, or total height of the vertebral body should be classified as vertebral fracture. In mild cases… CONTINUE READING
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