The quasi – interpolant as a tool in elementary polynomial spline theory

  title={The quasi – interpolant as a tool in elementary polynomial spline theory},
  author={Carl de Boor},
and b := sup i ti. For i ∈ ZZ, the i B–spline of order k with (or, for the) knot sequence t is given by the rule Nik(t) := gk(ti, . . . , ti+k; t) (ti+k − ti) gk(s; t) := (s − t) k−1 + taking, for each fixed t, the k divided difference of g(s) := gk(s; t) at ti, . . . ti+k in the usual manner even when some or all of the tj ’s coincide. I leave unresolved any possible ambiguity when t = tj for some j, and concern myself only with left and right limits at such a point; i.e., I replace each t… CONTINUE READING


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