The quantum source of space-time

  title={The quantum source of space-time},
  author={Ron Cowen},
  • R. Cowen
  • Published 19 November 2015
  • Physics, Philosophy
  • Nature
Many physicists believe that entanglement is the essence of quantum weirdness — and some now suspect that it may also be the essence of space-time geometry. 
Time Dilation as Quantum Tunneling Time
We conjecture that the relative rate of time evolution depends on the amount of quantum correlations in a system. This is motivated by the experimental work [1] which showed that quantum tunneling is
Quantum Synchronization and Entanglement Generation.
It is demonstrated that phase locking between the quantum oscillators can be achieved, even for limit cycles that cannot be synchronized to an external semiclassical signal.
Single-particle entanglement and three forms of ambiguity
This paper discusses experiments with single-particle systems, some of whose states appear to be entangled. It shows that the interpretation of the experiments in terms of entanglement is ill
Quantum entanglement: facts and fiction – how wrong was Einstein after all?
  • B. Nordén
  • Physics
    Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics
  • 2016
It is proposed that photons may entangle over large distances only if some interaction exists via fields that cannot propagate faster than the speed of light, and an experiment to settle this ‘interaction hypothesis’ is suggested.
Entanglement in macroscopic systems
We present a theoretical study of entanglement in ensembles consisting of an arbitrary number of particles. Multipartite entanglement criteria in terms of observables are formulated for a fixed
Quantum Cellular Automata, Black Hole Thermodynamics and the Laws of Quantum Complexity
This paper introduces a new formalism for quantum cellular automata (QCAs), based on evolving tensor products of qubits using local unitary operators, and demonstrates that the expected exponential relationships between the quantum circuit complexity of the evolution operator, the classical entropy of the equilibrium QCA state, and the characteristic equilibration time of the QCA, all hold within this new model.
Every entangled stuff has its own avatar
It is demonstrated that some byproducts resulting from entanglement act as a hinge that link both theories making the completeness of QM clear and a thorough analysis of the non-locality of this effect will be carried out.
Formula Extraction in Supreme Theory of Everything
  • Physics
    Advances in Theoretical & Computational Physics
  • 2019
Not only universe, but everything has general characters as eternal, infinite, cyclic and wave-particle duality. Everything from elementary particles to celestial bodies, from electromagnetic wave to
Quantum Mechanics, Formalization and the Cosmological Constant Problem
Based on formal arguments from Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory we develop the environment for explaining and resolving certain fundamental problems in physics. By these formal tools we show that any
Factor Graphs for Quantum Probabilities
A factor-graph representation of quantum-mechanical probabilities (involving any number of measurements) is proposed and it is demonstrated how the basic concepts of quantum mechanics relate to factorizations and marginals ofinline-formula.