The quantum mechanics of viscosity

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Freezing density scaling of fluid transport properties: Application to liquefied noble gases.
A freezing density scaling of transport properties of the Lennard-Jones fluid is rationalized in terms of Rosenfeld's excess entropy scaling and isomorph theory of Roskilde-simple systems. Then, it
Two-dimensional non-linear hydrodynamics and nanofluidics
A water monolayer squeezed between two solid planes experiences strong out-of-plane confinement effects while expanding freely within the plane. As a consequence, the transport of such two-dimensional


Untersuchungen über die Viskosität von Suspensionen und Lösungen
ZusammenfassungDie Poiseuille'sche Strömung, bezogen auf ein mit der Kugel mitbewegtes Bezugssystem wird in zwei Teile zerlegt. Der erste besteht aus einem Translationsanteil und in den Koordinaten
Eine neue Bestimmung der Moleküldimensionen
1996).Physics for Scientists & Engineers(4th ed.)
  • Saunders College Publishing
  • 1996
Modeling of liquid internal energy and heat capacity over a wide pressure–temperature range from first principles
Recently there have been significant theoretical advances in our understanding of liquids and dense supercritical fluids based on their ability to support high frequency transverse (shear) waves.
Minimal quantum viscosity from fundamental physical constants
A fundamental lower limit of liquid viscosity is found, setting how runny a liquid can ever get, with the lower bound set by fundamental physical constants and notably involving the proton-to-electron mass ratio.
: This work presents a novel zero in-plane Poisson’s ratio honeycomb design for large out-of-plane deformations and morphing. The novel honeycomb topology is composed by two parts that provide
Viscosity of network liquids within Doremus approach
Defect-mediated diffusion and viscous flow of network forming liquids have been investigated. An analytical formula of viscosity has been derived with two-exponential forms demonstrating high
Turbulent Shear Layers in Supersonic Flow
Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. The Equations of Motion. 3. The Equations for Turbulent Flow. 4. Fundamental Concepts. 5. Boundary Layer Mean Flow Behavior. 6. Boundary Layer Turbulence Behavior. 7.