[The quality of life of tumor patients as a multidimensional concept].


An important aim of supportive care for cancer patients (pts) is the maintenance or improvement of their life quality. Therefore it is interesting to measure pts' LQ while testing new cytotoxic drugs or palliative therapy like artificial nutrition. A short questionnaire also is helpful in order to inform physicians and psychooncologists about pts' needs for psychosocial intervention. Based on coping-research, gerontology and well-being-psychology we have developed a 69-item-questionnaire "Scales for Measuring LQ" with good test-statistics. This instrument emphasizes pts' life experiences and subjective appraisal of objective life conditions. Basic state, internalized life experiences and life orientations in a sample of 179 pts with chemo- or radiotherapy are more important for LQ than objective symptoms, subjectively perceived physical condition and mood. The surprisingly high LQ scores in cancer pts can best be explained by their reduced aspiration levels. Correlations with emotional and belonging support obtained from the partner or confidant are significant. Social support is before all related to our pts' positive life experiences (.68; .59) and to their life satisfaction (.58; .47).

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