The quality of life among Otorhinolaryngology residents in Distrito Federal (Brazil)

  title={The quality of life among Otorhinolaryngology residents in Distrito Federal (Brazil)},
  author={Gustavo Lara Rezende and Max Sarmet and Ronaldo Campos Granjeiro and M{\'a}rcio Nakanishi and Carlos Augusto Pires de Oliveira},
  journal={Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology},
  pages={466 - 472}
Abstract Otorhinolaryngology residents' quality of life must be investigated during medical residency. Work-related factors impacting their lives, such as depression, sleep deprivation and excessive work load may impact the well-being of these individuals. Objective To assess and discuss the quality of life of Otorhinolaryngology Resident Physicians in Distrito Federal (Reuni-ORL). Materials and Methods Cross-sectional study, the quality of life of each individual was assessed by means of a… 

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  • Organização Mundial de Sáude (Grupo no Brasil) UFRS,
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