The pursuit of disruptive innovations by middle managers: effects of the firm’s customer orientation and mastery achievement goals

  title={The pursuit of disruptive innovations by middle managers: effects of the firm’s customer orientation and mastery achievement goals},
  author={Fawad Sadiq and Tasweer Hussain and Afshan Naseem and Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza and Ahsan Syed},
  journal={Review of Managerial Science},
Disruptive innovation (DI) poses a significant challenge for firms due to their uncertain nature and unique diffusion patterns before entering the market. A proactive strategy to address the issue of DI can turn a potential disruption into a business opportunity. To implement such an aggressive approach, firms should enhance their intrapreneurship capabilities through middle managers’ disruptive innovation activities (DIA). However, research on managing and promoting DI by middle managers is… 


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