The psychology of attitudes.

  title={The psychology of attitudes.},
  author={Alice H. Eagly and Shelly Chaiken},
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This is the only truly comprehensive advanced level textbook in the past 20 years designed for courses in the pscyhology of attitudes and related studies in attitude measurement, social cognition. Written by two of the most distinguished scholars in the field, its comprehensive coverage of classic and modern research and theory is unsurpassed. 
Interreligious education in the context of Social Psychology research on attitudes and prejudice
Prof. Dr Martin Rothgangel is participating in the research project ‘Gender Studies and Practical Theology Theory Formation’, directed by Prof. Dr Yolanda Dreyer, Department of Practical
Uneven progress: Social psychology and the study of attitudes.
Progress in understanding attitudes is discussed in relation to 4 critical areas of research that have particularly long histories. In 2 of these areas attitude serves as an independent variable, and
A Reconceptualization of the Functional Approach to Attitudes: Attitudes as Transitional Objects
Very few studies have attempted to implement the functional approach to the study of attitudes. This may result from a too hasty resort to clearly defined functions. This paper proposes and discusses
From Single to Multiple to Metacognitive Processes
This article provides a brief overview of major developments in the history of contemporary persuasion theory. The first intuitive and empirical approaches to persuasion were guided by main-effect
Social psychology stands to benefit from multilevel theories that link it to both lower and higher levels of analysis. Making the link, however, requires a level of theoretical rigor heretofore
Do open-minded student teachers have more favorable attitudes towards different dimensions of heterogeneity?
The present study aims at investigating student teachers’ attitudes towards heterogeneity, which represent one part of teachers’ profession and determine future teacher action. Particularly, it
An investigation of the attitudes of high school learners towards life orientation
A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Education (Psychology Department) at the University of Zululand, South Africa, 2011.
Habits of meaning: when legal education and other professional training attenuate bias in social judgments.
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. May 2012. Major: Psychology. Advisors: Eugene Borgida and Marti Hope Gonzales. 1 computer file (PDF); iv, 225 pages, appendices A-D.
Cognitive aspects of survey methodology
Since its initiation in the early 1980s, research into cognitive aspects of survey methods (CASM) has made considerable progress in illuminating the cognitive and communicative processes underlying
A New Look at Our Old Attitude Problem
Across the disciplines, attitudes are commonly measured through the use of unidimensional scaling (e.g., Likert scaling). Given that the Likert measurement scale (multiple equivalent items regarding