The psychological effects of secondary amenorrhea in women runners

  title={The psychological effects of secondary amenorrhea in women runners},
  author={Linda Comenitz},
  journal={Clinical Social Work Journal},
The purpose of this study was to examine the psychological effect of secondary amenorrhea among women runners. Original data was gathered by conducting interviews—with amenorrheic and nonamenorrheic renners. All those interviewed reported that running improved their sense of selfesteem and feelings of adequacy. Some of the amenorrheic women indicated that the loss of mentruation was directly correlated to a loss of self-esteem, while others denied any adverse reaction. Brief social histories… Expand
Ambulatory medical services utilization for menstrual disorders among female personnel of different medical professions in Taiwan: a nationwide retrospective cohort study
Compared with medical technologists and therapists, registered nurses and doctors of Chinese medicine exhibited significant increased risks in medical services utilization for menstrual disorders whereas physicians showed a significant decreased risk in menstrual disorders. Expand


The epidemiology of secondary amenorrhea.
  • F. Drew
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Abstract The frequency rates of secondary amenorrhea when examined epidemiologically appear to be quantitatively related to separation from home and family and to the extent of the threat associatedExpand
Menstrual dysfunction in distance runners.
It is concluded that menstrual dysfunction in distance runners is a real phenomenon and presumably this is related to decreased percentage of body fat and/or minimal ovarian function secondary to diminished hypothalamic or pituitary hormone secretion. Expand
The relationship between long-distance running, plasma progesterone, and luteal phase length.
The chronic effects of long-distance running upon the menstrual cycle were studied in a healthy, ovulatory 30-year-old woman to find that the luteal phase was shorter in cycles of greater mileage. Expand
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