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The psycho-analytic study of thinking. A theor of thinking.

  title={The psycho-analytic study of thinking. A theor of thinking.},
  author={Bion Wr},
  journal={The International Journal of Psychoanalysis},
  • Bion Wr
  • Published 1 July 1962
  • Psychology
  • The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

Über das Destruktive in uns

ZusammenfassungDie „Nazareth-Konferenzen“ ermöglichen die Auseinandersetzung mit destruktiv eskalierten gesellschaftlichen Konflikten. Es werden Szenen aus den Konferenzen dargestellt und in ihrer

On translation and supervision

The supervisor's role includes translating the supervisee’s experiential and embodied therapeutic narrative into an organised story in a formal language, according to analytic principles, which enables the supervisese to share, albeit in imagination, therapeutic dilemmas and challenges with colleagues that alleviate the burden of clinical responsibility.

Taking stock and looking to the future: a discussion of the findings of, and tensions within, a multimethod research study with a view to how it might be taken forward

This paper presents an overview of the author’s doctoral research project, a two-pronged study using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Excerpts of observation material based on

‘What are you looking for?’: a psychoanalytically oriented qualitative study of men’s compulsive use of internet pornography

Internet pornography use is an extremely widespread human engagement. A minority of viewers finds it compelling and experience distress and/or functional impairment due to their use. There is a

Female therapists’ experiences of working with male clients who are sexually attracted to them—An exploratory study using a free association narrative interview method

Sexual attraction between human beings is a pervasive phenomenon, impacting the process of psychotherapy, as well as other areas of social engagement. However, within ethical psychotherapy practice

Singing potatoes: Bion’s concept of O and the frustrations of not knowing

ABSTRACT Bion’s concept of O is examined and it is proposed that it is a valuable yet mysterious concept for psychotherapists to draw upon. Although Bion showed a keen interest in epistemology, that

Mitfühlen: A feeling space to think in

In the article, author shares her experience of working as a student counselor at a university during pandemic. Author wishes to explore a particular approach to the therapeutic endeavor which author