The proto-oncogene c-fms is overexpressed in endometrial cancer.

  title={The proto-oncogene c-fms is overexpressed in endometrial cancer.},
  author={Gary S. Leiserowitz and Steven L. Harris and Meera Subramaniam and Gary L. Keeney and Karl C. Podratz and Thomas C. Spelsberg},
  journal={Gynecologic oncology},
  volume={49 2},
Recent studies have shown that macrophage colony-stimulating factor and its receptor c-fms protein are significantly overexpressed in endometrial and ovarian cancers. In the present study, we analyzed the steady-state levels of c-fms mRNA in benign and malignant endometrial tissues by Northern and slot blot analyses. The relative levels of c-fms mRNA were quantified by using a hybridization signal for each sample on Northern blot analysis. Slot blot analysis was used to further quantitate the… CONTINUE READING