The proteomic landscape of triple-negative breast cancer.

  title={The proteomic landscape of triple-negative breast cancer.},
  author={Robert T. Lawrence and Elizabeth M. Perez and Daniel Guillermo Hern{\'a}ndez and Chris P. Miller and Kelsey M. Haas and Hanna Y. Irie and Su-In Lee and C. Anthony Blau and Judit Vill{\'e}n},
  journal={Cell reports},
  volume={11 4},
Triple-negative breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease characterized by poor clinical outcomes and a shortage of targeted treatment options. To discover molecular features of triple-negative breast cancer, we performed quantitative proteomics analysis of twenty human-derived breast cell lines and four primary breast tumors to a depth of more than 12,000 distinct proteins. We used this data to identify breast cancer subtypes at the protein level and demonstrate the precise quantification of… CONTINUE READING


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