The projectivity of the moduli space of stable curves, II: The stacks $M_{g,n}$

  title={The projectivity of the moduli space of stable curves, II: The stacks \$M\_\{g,n\}\$},
  author={F. F. Knudsen},
  journal={Mathematica Scandinavica},
  • F. Knudsen
  • Published 1 December 1983
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematica Scandinavica
Notes on worldsheet-like variables for cluster configuration spaces
We continue the exploration of various appearances of cluster algebras in scattering amplitudes and related topics in physics. The cluster configuration spaces generalize the familiar moduli
Applied Mori theory of the moduli space of stable pointed rational curves
We investigate questions motivated by Mori’s program for the moduli space of stable pointed rational curves, M0,n. In particular, we study the nef cone of M0,n (Chapter 2), the Cox ring of M0,n
Stably reflexive modules and a lemma of Knudsen
On the existence of paradoxical motions of generically rigid graphs on the sphere
This work interprets realizations of a graph on the sphere up to rotations as elements of a moduli space of curves of genus zero, and determines necessary relations for flexibility between the spherical lengths of the edges.
Lectures on the ELSV formula
The ELSV formula, first proved by Ekedahl, Lando, Shapiro, and Vainshtein, relates Hurwitz numbers to Hodge inte- grals. Graber and Vakil gave another proof of the ELSV formula by virtual
Graph homology of the moduli space of pointed real curves of genus zero
Abstract.The moduli space $$\overline{M}^{\sigma}_{\bf S}({\mathbb{R}})$$ parameterizes the isomorphism classes of S-pointed stable real curves of genus zero which are invariant under relabeling by
  • 2006
Stacks of Stable Maps and Gromov-Witten Invariants
We correct some errors in the earlier version of this paper. Most importantly, the definition of isogeny of marked stable graphs has changed.
Moduli spaces of quadratic maps: arithmetic and geometry
. We establish an implication between two long-standing open problems in complex dynamics. The roots of the n -th Gleason polynomial G n ∈ Q [ c ] comprise the 0-dimensional moduli space of quadratic