The progression into triaxiality in neutron-rich rhenium isotopes


M.W. Reed,1 G.J. Lane,1 G.D. Dracoulis,1 F.G. Kondev,2 A.P. Byrne,1 M. P. Carpenter,3 P. Chowdhury,4 R.O. Hughes,1 R.V.F. Janssens,3 T. Lauritsen,3 C.J. Lister,4, 3 D. Seweryniak,3 S. Zhu,3 H. Watanabe,1, 5 F.R. Xu,6 and W.G. Jiang6 1Department of Nuclear Physics, R.S.P.E., Australian National University, Canberra ACT, Australia 2Nuclear Engineering… (More)