The programming language oberon

  title={The programming language oberon},
  author={Niklaus Wirth},
  journal={Software: Practice and Experience},
  • N. Wirth
  • Published 1 July 1988
  • Computer Science
  • Software: Practice and Experience
This is the defining report of the programming language Oberon. 
The active object system design and multiprocessor implementation
Dynamic Semantics of the Oberon Programming
An abstract mathematical model for the dynamic semantics of the Oberon programming language using the Evolving Algebras approach is presented and the resulting formal speciication is complete, compact, and understandable with minimal training.
Implementing Oberon0 Language with Simpl DSL Tool
This report describes submission to the LDTA 2011 tool challenge, created with Simpl DSL tool, with results similar to that of a traditional LDTA tool.
Umbriel—imperative programming for unsophisticated students
This article discusses an experiment in designing and using Umbriel, a minimal imperative programming language in the Pascal tradition, for teaching the rudiments of programming in situations where
From modula to oberon
  • N. Wirth
  • Computer Science
    Softw. Pract. Exp.
  • 1988
The programming language Oberon is the result of a concentrated effort to increase the power of Modula‐2 and simultaneously to reduce its complexity. Several features were eliminated, and a few were
The Formal Specification of Oberon
This paper presents the formal speciication of the programming language Oberon. Using Montages we give a description of syntax, static, and dynamic semantics of all constructs of the language. The
Control system design with Oberon
It is shown in the paper that Oberon is well suited for the implementation of CACSD systems and the design of such a system is outlined and some parts that have already been implemented are presented.
Toward integration of the imperative and logic programming paradigms: Horn-clause programming in the Pascal environment
This paper introduces a method for integrating the imperative and logic programming paradigms in the framework of a language named Paslog, an extension of Pascal that supports Horn clause programming in the Pascal environment.