The prognostic ease and difficulty of invasive breast carcinoma.

  title={The prognostic ease and difficulty of invasive breast carcinoma.},
  author={Ali Tofigh and Matthew J. Suderman and Eric R. Paquet and Julie Livingstone and Nicholas Bertos and Sadiq M I Saleh and Haishuang Zhao and Margarita Souleimanova and Sean M. Cory and Robert Lesurf and Solmaz Shahalizadeh and Norberto Garcia Lopez and Yasser Riazalhosseini and Atilla Omeroğlu and Josie Ursini-Siegel and Morag Park and Vanessa Dumeaux and Michael T. Hallett},
  journal={Cell reports},
  volume={9 1},
Breast carcinoma (BC) has been extensively profiled by high-throughput technologies for over a decade, and broadly speaking, these studies can be grouped into those that seek to identify patient subtypes (studies of heterogeneity) or those that seek to identify gene signatures with prognostic or predictive capacity. The sheer number of reported signatures has led to speculation that everything is prognostic in BC. Here, we show that this ubiquity is an apparition caused by a poor understanding… CONTINUE READING