The prognosis of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly.

  title={The prognosis of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly.},
  author={Henrike Wolf and Martin Grunwald and G M Ecke and Dyrk Zedlick and Simone Bettin and Claudia Dannenberg and J. Kimball Dietrich and Klaus Eschrich and Thomas Arendt and Hermann Josef Gertz},
  journal={Journal of neural transmission. Supplementum},
PURPOSE To determine whether or not subtypes of intellectual functioning are suitable to predict further cognitive decline in individuals with mild cognitive impairment. DESIGN Naturalistic longitudinal study (mean interval 2.7 years). PATIENTS 41 subjects with mild cognitive impairment who attended a memory clinic. METHODS SIDAM, CT, SPECT, and ApoE genotype. RESULTS At follow-up, 8 out of 41 patients (19.5%) with MCI had progressed to dementia, 8 patients (19.5%) had improved to… CONTINUE READING

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