The production of space

  title={The production of space},
  author={Henri Lefebvre},
  journal={Economic Geography},
Translatora s Acknowledgements. 1. Plan of the Present Work. 2. Social Space. 3. Spatial Architectonics. 4. From Absolute Space to Abstract Space. 5. Contradictory Space. 6. From the Contradictions of Space to Differential Space. 7. Openings and Conclusions. Afterword by David Harvey. Index. 
Spatial Poetics and the Politics of Imagination
In May 2012, INHEPI—an international network of performance artists—produced a series of experiments with participatory performance. By evoking a range of recurrent spatial-imaginary models, their
Space and the Geographies of Theatre: Introduction
This issue examines the fundamental element of theatre that is perhaps most consistently overlooked. Theatre can succeed without lights, props, and even, in Samuel Beckett's 1969 play, Breath, an
Geography and the Production of Space in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Acknowledgments Introduction: scales of identification 1. Democratic expansionism, gothic geographies, and Charles Brockden Brown 2. Urban apartments, global cities: the enlargement of private space
The global politics of contemporary travel writing
1. Introduction: the global imaginary of contemporary travel writing 2. Between fact and fiction: the generic limits of travel writing 3. The cosmopolitan gaze: re-articulations of modern
Off the Grid: Iifrastructure and transformational space
Concepts of space underlie and structure design practices involved in the production of human environments, such as architecture, landscape design, urban planning, industrial design and civil engineering, are appropriate candidates in the pedagogy of these fields for a discussion of "threshold concepts" as proposed by Meyer and Land (2006).
Mirror, mirror : claiming digital places of the mundane mapping culture
This paper looks at game worlds in terms of an ancient human desire to articulate place in the world and pursues a design concept which resonates with this practice in order to enable a more mundane exploitation of such spatial representations: the claiming of place.
A Space Apart: Animation and the Spatial Politics of Conversion
Reading cartoons and associated exhibition practices in the silent and early sound eras, this essay examines the expression of the black/white racial binary in American animation of the 1920s and
Cities and the Shaping of Memory in the Ancient Near East: List of Tables
1. Introduction 2. Landscapes of change: cities, politics, and memory 3. The land of Assur: the making of Assyrian landscapes 4. City and the festival: monuments, urban space, and spatial narratives
Genesis of Culture in Space. Conception of Cultural Landscape in Context of Cultural and Philosophic Research
This chapter is devoted to theoretical and methodological questions of the cultural genesis in space in the context of stated problem. The boundaries of the problem field are outlined in terms of
Tahrir Square, From Place to Space: The Geography of Representation
Abstract:Due to its role in the Egyptian Revolution, Tahrir Square in Cairo became synonymous with the Arab Spring. During the protests it was transformed from a physical place into a symbolic space