The problem of vivax malaria in Vietnam returnees. II. Malaria chemoprophylaxis survey.

  title={The problem of vivax malaria in Vietnam returnees. II. Malaria chemoprophylaxis survey.},
  author={G. Skrzypek and O. Barrett},
  journal={Military medicine},
  volume={133 6},
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Malaria in Brazilian military personnel deployed to Angola.
Mefloquine prophylaxis appeared to protect soldiers from clinical, but not subclinical, P. falciparum infections, and mean peak levels (and ratios) of serum M and MM were also found to be lower in those who gave a history of malaria while in Angola. Expand
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Applied as a prophylactic agent, RC-12, administered in doses of 6.25 to 25.0 mg/kg daily throughout the incubation period, provided near-complete to complete protection against 10(5) to 10(6) times the minimum infective dose of sporozoites; hence, the need for concomitant administration of a blood schizonticide, such as chloroquine, in assessments of radical curative activity. Expand
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The results showed that the dose of primaquine required for cure of 50% of active infections was reduced by one-half to two-thirds by coadministration with 2.5 mg of mirincamycin per kg, 1/16 the 50% curative dose of this lincomycin derivative when used in a mono-drug regimen. Expand
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