[The problem of inflammatory diseases of the adnexa in intrauterine contraception].


Of a total of 102 laparoscopically confirmed inflammatory diseases, 20 patients (19.6%) were found to have an IUD. Thus, this group of patients is manifestly overrepresented compared with the frequency in the female population in the catchment area (5.3% had IUDs). In 13 of these 20 women, bacteriological examinations were carried out intraabdominally and directly from the IUD. Anerobic germs on the IUD were identified in 10 cases. Cultures from 8 IUDs from women without clinical symptoms, revealed anerobic germs in each case. Abscess-forming processes of adnexa were twice as frequent among women with IUDs as in those not using this method of contraception. In patients with an inflammatory disease of the adnexa, the diagnosis should be confirmed by laparoscopy; in the cases of those women with IUDs, the IUD should be removed, bacteriological tests should be carried out, and antibiotic therapy effective against anerobic germs should be administered in each case. (author's)

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