The private is political: Women and family in intellectual Islam

  title={The private is political: Women and family in intellectual Islam},
  author={Ellen Anne McLarney},
  journal={Feminist Theory},
  pages={129 - 148}
  • E. McLarney
  • Published 1 August 2010
  • Sociology
  • Feminist Theory
In Hiba Ra’uf’s Woman and Political Work, she argues that the family is the basic political unit of the Islamic community or nation (the umma). Her thesis is both feminist and Islamist, as she argues that the ‘private is political’. By drawing analogies between family and umma, family and caliphate, the personal and the political, the private and public, Ra’uf seeks to dismantle the oppositions of secular society, to challenge the division of society into discrete spheres. This entails an… 

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