The primary structure of rat ribosomal protein L34.

  title={The primary structure of rat ribosomal protein L34.},
  author={Yoshiyuki Aoyama and Y L Chan and Ira G. Wool},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={249 1},
The amino acid sequence of rat ribosomal protein L34 was deduced from the nucleotide sequence in a recombinant cDNA and confirmed from the NH2-terminal amino acid sequence of the protein. Ribosomal protein L34 contains 117 amino acids (the NH2-terminal methionine is removed after translation of the mRNA) and has an Mr of 13,498. Hybridization of the cDNA to digests of nuclear DNA suggests that there are 7-9 copies of the L34 gene. The mRNA for the protein is about 630 nucleotides in length.