The primary structure of porcine glicentin (proglucagon)

  title={The primary structure of porcine glicentin (proglucagon)},
  author={Lars Thim and Alister J. Moody},
  journal={Regulatory Peptides},
The primary structure of porcine glicentin has been established. The molecule consists of 69 amino acid residues and has a molecular weight of 8128. The sequence of glicentin 1-30 represents the glicentin-related pancreatic peptide (GRPP) previously isolated from porcine pancreas. The sequence 33-61 represents the full sequence of glucagon and the sequence 64-69 is a C-terminal hexapeptide. These three sequences, GRPP, glucagon and the hexapeptide are linked by two Lys-Arg pairs which probably… CONTINUE READING

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