The prevention of catastrophic head and spine injuries in high school and college sports

  title={The prevention of catastrophic head and spine injuries in high school and college sports},
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The incidence of catastrophic injuries in sports at the high school and college levels is low, <0.5 per 100 000 participants, but even one is too many.1 Permanent paralysis, brain damage and death should not be associated with teenagers and young adults participating in high school and college athletics. Catastrophic injury is devastating not only to the injured athlete, but also to the athlete’s family, school and community. Many of these injuries can be prevented by utilising proper data… 
Acute Catastrophic Injuries in High School Sports
This chapter reviews and summarizes what is known about the frequency and rate of occurrence of catastrophic injuries in various high school sports, possible risk factors for these injuries, injury mechanisms and provides suggestions regarding what can be done to reduce the risk of occurrence and severity of these injuries.
Head and Neck Injury Prevention
The purpose of this chapter is to briefly review the mechanism and epidemiology of common head and neck injuries sustained during sports participation and discuss various proposed methods for preventing those injuries.
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Fatalities Among High School and College Football Players - United States, 2005-2014.
Findings support the need for continued surveillance and safety efforts to ensure proper tackling techniques, emergency planning for severe injuries, availability of medical care onsite during competitions, and assessment that it is safe to return to play following a concussion.
Risk of catastrophic injury in sports and recreation
Many factors have contributed to the increasing risk of sustaining a catastrophic injury in sports and recreation that has occurred in most countries. Greater involvement in high-risk activities,
Epidemiology of concussion in sport: a literature review.
Epidemiology of youth sports concussion.
Validity of soccer injury data from the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Injury Surveillance System.
The overall capture rate of the NCAAISS was very good in men's and women's soccer for this period, and agreement between the NCAA ISS data and the non-NCAA ISS data was good for the majority of data fields but low for date of full return and days lost from sport participation.
Protective equipment and the prevention of concussion - what is the evidence?
  • R. Navarro
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    Current sports medicine reports
  • 2011
The use of faceshields has not shown a proven benefit in preventing the incidence of sport-related concussion in ice hockey or field hockey participants, and further studies are needed to clarify the role of protective equipment in the prevention of sport -related concussion.
Pathophysiology of Brain Injuries in Boxing
The clinical manifestations, pathophysiology, and management of boxing-related head injuries are identified, and preventive strategies to reduce head injuries sustained by boxers are discussed.


National survey of spinal injuries in hockey players.
There has been an alarming increase in the number of spinal injuries in hockey players and the Committee on Prevention of Spinal Injuries due to Hockey made several recommendations regarding prevention.
Spinal Injuries in Professional Rugby Union: A Prospective Cohort Study
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The results showed that rugby union players were exposed to a high risk of noncatastrophic spinal injury during tackling, scrummaging, and weight-training activities; injury prevention strategies, therefore, should be focused on these activities.
Recent trends in rugby union injuries.
Catastrophic injuries in the Olympic styles of wrestling in Iran
A profile of direct catastrophic injuries in international styles of wrestling was developed, and the possible risk factors were described, and it was suggested that coaches have an essential role in the prevention of these injuries.
The annual survey of catastrophic football injuries: 1977-1988.
Neurologic injuries in hockey
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Catastrophic Sports Injury Research Twenty - Sixth Annual Report Fall 1982 — Spring 2008