The prevalence of ectoparasites in Ethiopian immigrants.

  title={The prevalence of ectoparasites in Ethiopian immigrants.},
  author={Kosta Y Mumcuoglu and Jacqueline Miller and Orly Manor and F Ben-Yshai and Sebastian Klaus},
  journal={Israel journal of medical sciences},
  volume={29 6-7},
Newly arrived Ethiopian immigrants in Israel were screened for ectoparasitic insects and mites. Of 304 individuals examined 65.1% were infested with the head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis). The infestation rate among children varied between 65 and 100%. Children aged 6-11 years were the most infested group and no differences between girls and boys were found. The infestation rate in children was significantly higher than that found in adults. Approximately 39% of those examined were infested… CONTINUE READING


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