The pressor response of the cat to histamine and pilocarpine.

  title={The pressor response of the cat to histamine and pilocarpine.},
  author={Ullrich Trendelenburg},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
Intravemioums injections of 5-10 µg/kg of histamine and of 25-50 µg/kg of pilocarpine into spinal cats cause a secondary rise of blood pressure. This pressor response was found to be modified by substances which (a) modify the ganglionic actions of histamimue and pilocarpine (nicotine, tetramethylammonium, TMA), (b) interfere with the liberation of sympathin from the endings of adrenergio fibers (choline 2:6-xylyl ether bromide, TM 10; morphine; methadone), and (c) deplete the peripheral… CONTINUE READING

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