The preservation and presentation of Great Zimbabwe

  title={The preservation and presentation of Great Zimbabwe},
  author={Webber Ndoro},
  pages={616 - 623}
  • W. Ndoro
  • Published 1 September 1994
  • Sociology
  • Antiquity
Great Zimbabwe, most celebrated monument in the country that is named after it, is a large challenge not just in its technical conservation, but in how it is to be made alive for its country's citizens. 

Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site and sustainable development

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to assess the extent to which Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site has contributed to the sustainable development of the local people who live in its

The Legacy of Colonialism: Perceptions of the Cultural Heritage in Southern Africa, with Special Reference to Zimbabwe

Reflexion sur les suites du colonialisme au Zimbabwe, sur le developpement des musees et sites archeologiques dans le cadre de la restauration et de la preservation des valeurs culturelles

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1. Introduction 2. Resistance - Agency - Landscape - Narrative 3. The Archaeology of Taxation 4. The Settlement of Empire 5. Living between Lines 6. The Dominated Body 7. The Patron Saint of Tax

Let the ancestors rest in peace? New challenges for cultural heritage management in Zimbabwe

AbstractCultural heritage management and archaeological research in Zimbabwe have been the byproducts of colonialism. This dates back to the beginning of the present century and, for the greater part

Taking African cultural heritage management into the twenty-first century: Zimbabwe’s masterplan for cultural heritage management

For a long time, cultural heritage management programs in Zimbabwe, and perhaps elsewhere in Africa, have been concerned mainly with the preservation and conservation of archaeological monuments

Inside and outside the dry stone walls: revisiting the material culture of Great Zimbabwe

Abstract ‘Any study of Great Zimbabwe has to rely a great deal on re-examining and re-assessing the work of early investigators, the men who removed all the most important finds from the ruins and

Post-colonial heritage conservation in Africa: perspectives from drystone wall restorations at Khami World Heritage site, Zimbabwe

Abstract Before colonialism, heritage sites such as Khami were considered resting places for ancestors, valued more for the spirit of place than their monumentality. In this context, local custodians

Archaeological Site Management and Local Involvement: A Case Study from Abu Rawash, Egypt

Abstract Local involvement is an essential element of successful archaeological site management. Recognition of the role of the local community could make a great contribution in improving the

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Th e study aim was to establish the role of tour guides in tourist experiences at the Great Zimbabwe National Monument. A netnographic analysis was conducted of the written reviews of visitors to

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The Past in the Present deals with the complexities in the operation and management of living heritage sites. It presents a new interpretation of such sites based on the concept of continuity, and



The Burden of Tribalism: The Social Context of Southern African Iron Age Studies

  • M. Hall
  • History
    American Antiquity
  • 1984
The study of the archaeology of farming communities in southern Africa is an inherently political activity but there has been little critical analysis of the role of social context in forming

Living in the past

The Burgess Shale.By Harry B. Whittington. Yale University Press: 1985. Pp.151. 21, 21.

Magic, science and religion

Malinowski's classic attempt to separate magic, science, and religion has not worn well. For some purposes, we now can find it very useful indeed, at least insofar as it separates pragmatic knowledge

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Abstract We argue that the development and use of law-like statements by archaeologists to explain characteristics of the archaeological record has been and should continue to be one of the most

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Preface Acknowledgements Introduction to architectural conservation Structural actions of historic buildings Structural elements I - beams, arches, vaults and domes Structural elements II - trusses

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L'Universit6 de Leyde, aux Pays-Bas, a decerne le grade de docteur honoris causa a M. Jean Pictet, vice-president du CICR, au cours d'une ceremonie solennelle qui se deroula, le 8 fevrier 1973, sous

The presentation of monuments to the public