The present and future disease burden of hepatitis C virus infections with today's treatment paradigm - volume 3.

  title={The present and future disease burden of hepatitis C virus infections with today's treatment paradigm - volume 3.},
  author={Alexandra Sibley and Kwang Hyub Han and A Abourached and Laurentius Adrianto Lesmana and Mih{\'a}ly Makara and Wasim Jafri and Riina Salupere and Abdallah M Assiri and Adrian Eugen Goldis and Faisal Abdulrahman Abaalkhail and Zaigham Ali Abbas and Alaa Abdou and F Al Braiki and Farida Ismail Al Hosani and K Al Jaberi and M Al Khatry and Mariam Al Mulla and Huda Al Quraishi and Ayman Al Rifai and Y Al Serkal and A M M Nurul Alam and Seyed Moayed Alavian and Hamad Alashgar and Sameer Alawadhi and Laila Al-Dabal and Pauls Aldins and Faleh Z. Alfaleh and Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi and Raafat F. Al-Hakeem and Abdulrahman A Aljumah and A Almessabi and Adel Nazmi Alqutub and Khalid A Alswat and Ibrahim Hamad Altraif and Mohamed Abdulla Hasan Saif Alzaabi and Nanni Andrea and Mohamed A Babatin and A Baqir and M. T. Barakat and Ottar Mar Bergmann and Abdul Rahman N Bizri and Sarah Blach and Anjali Chaudhry and M S Choi and Tarek Diab and Samsuridjal Djauzi and E S El Hassan and Sarah El Khoury and Chris F Estes and Samir Fakhry and Javed Iqbal Farooqi and H Fridjonsdottir and Rino Alvani Gani and A Ghafoor Khan and Liliana Simona Gheorghe and M Gottfredsson and Sergeja Gregorcic and Jessie Gunter and Behzad Hajarizadeh and S. S. Hamid and Irsan Hasan and Almoutaz Hashim and G{\'a}bor Horv{\'a}th and B{\'e}la Hunyady and Rola N. Husni and Agita Jeruma and J{\'o}n Gunnlaugur J{\'o}nasson and B R Karlsdottir and Do Young Kim and Young Seok Kim and Z Koutoubi and Valentina Liakina and Young-Suk Lim and Arthur L{\"o}ve and Matti Maimets and Reza Malekzadeh and Mojca Maticic and M. Shiraz Memon and Shahin Merat and Jaques Mokhbat and Fadi H Mourad and David Handojo Muljono and Arif Amir Nawaz and Naning Nugrahini and Sigurdur Pall Olafsson and Sigit Priohutomo and Huma I Qureshi and Paul Rassam and Homie Razavi and Devin Razavi-Shearer and Kathryn Razavi-Shearer and Baiba Rozentāle and M Sadik and Kausar Saeed and Amjad Salamat and Faisal M Sanai and A Sanityoso Sulaiman and Raymond Sayegh and Ala I. Sharara and Masood Siddiq and Arif Mahmood Siddiqui and Gudr{\'u}n Sigmundsd{\'o}ttir and Bryndis Sigurdardottir and Danutė Spei{\vc}ienė and Andri Sanityoso Sulaiman and Mohammed A Sultan and Mohammed Nael Taha and Junko Tanaka and Hashem A. Tarifi and Ghiasun Nabi Tayyab and Ieva Tolmane and Mohammad Amin Ud Din and Muhammad Ovais Umar and Jonas Valantinas and J Vide{\vc}nik-Zorman and C{\'e}sar Yaghi and Evy Yunihastuti and Mohammed Aasim Yusuf and Bader Faiyaz Zuberi and Jonathan Schmelzer},
  journal={Journal of viral hepatitis},
  volume={22 Suppl 4},
The total number, morbidity and mortality attributed to viraemic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections change over time making it difficult to compare reported estimates from different years. Models were developed for 15 countries to quantify and characterize the viraemic population and forecast the changes in the infected population and the corresponding disease burden from 2014 to 2030. With the exception of Iceland, Iran, Latvia and Pakistan, the total number of viraemic HCV infections is… CONTINUE READING

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