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The prescribed Gauduchon scalar curvature problem in almost Hermitian geometry

  title={The prescribed Gauduchon scalar curvature problem in almost Hermitian geometry},
  author={Yuxuan Li and Wubin Zhou and Xianchao Zhou},
. In this paper we consider the prescribed Gauduchon scalar curvature problem on almost Hermitian manifolds. By deducing the expression of the Gauduchon scalar curvature under the conformal variation, the problem is reduced to solve a semi-linear partial differential equation with exponential nonlinearity. Using super and sub-solution method, we show that the existence of the solution to this semi-linear equation depends on the sign of a constant associated to Gauduchon degree. When the sign is… 



The Prescribed Chern Scalar Curvature Problem

  • Elia Fusi
  • Mathematics
    The Journal of Geometric Analysis
  • 2022
The paper is an attempt to resolve the prescribed Chern scalar curvature problem. We look for solutions within the conformal class of a fixed Hermitian metric. We divide the problem in three cases,

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