The prepuce

  title={The prepuce},
  author={C.J. Cold and J.R. Taylor},
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cultures are diBcult to define, but include rites of Introduction passage, blood sacrifices and cultural markings [4]. Ritualistic, childhood genital surgery has become popuThe prepuce is a common anatomical structure of the male [1] and female [2] external genitalia of all human lar in the last several thousand years, making the prepuce the most vilified normal anatomical structure and non-human primates; it has been present in primates for at least 65 million years, and is likely to of the… 

Anatomy of the mouse penis and internal prepuce.

[Prepuce in boys and adolescents: what when, and how?].

The article presents a review of foreskin conditions, clinical manifestation, therapy and arguments for patient's benefits, and improves education for physicians and parents with regard to the foreskin development and management.

Circumcision as Human-Rights Violation: Assessing Benatar and Benatar

It is concluded that amputating normal, natural, protective, and sexually important tissue from a nonconsenting infant does not constitute abuse but is rather a matter for parental discretion, but to arrive at this conclusion, they ignore several important points.

Circumcision Is Unethical and Unlawful

Under existing United States law and international human rights declarations as well, circumcision already violates boys› absolute rights to equal protection, bodily integrity, autonomy, and freedom to choose their own religion.

Male genital mutilation: Beyond the tolerable?

For liberals like Martha Nussbaum, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has come to mark the boundary of toleration. By impairing physical, sexual and psychological functioning, the likes of Nussbaum

Circumcision requirement in children with phimosis: immediately or elective?

There is an ongoing debate with regards to the circumcision performed in newborns and during the phallic period spanning the ages of three to six years where sexual development takes place, and establishing actual indications for circumcision are important in terms of preventing complications in this period.

To avoid circumcision complications, avoid circumcision.

  • R. Darby
  • Medicine
    Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l'Association des urologues du Canada
  • 2014
It is suggested that it would make more sense not to perform circumcision in the first place, and that the cause of surgical complications is lack of skill on the part of the operators, and thus that the problem can be fixed by training.

A rose by any other name? Rethinking the similarities and differences between male and female genital cutting.

A critical examination of the tendency to segregate discussion of surgical alterations to the male and female genitals into separate compartments is offered, and a plea for greater gender neutrality in the approach to this contentious issue is made.

A study of histo-morphological changes of preputial skin

There is an increased incidence of chronic balanoposthitis in the study population and the existence of several common misconceptions about the prepucal skin is revealed and the incidence of variousprepucal lesions among the population is demonstrated.



Immunological functions of the human prepuce.

A review of the scientific literature reveals that the actual eVect of circumcision is the destruction of the clinically demonstrated hygienic and immunological properties of the prepuce and intact penis.

The prepuce: specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision.

The amount of tissue loss estimated in the present study is more than most parents envisage from pre-operative counselling.

The Histologic Spectrum of Prepuces from Patients with Phimosis

Treatment of phimosis especially in young boys may regress spontaneously, and since on the other hand LSA may evolve into squamous cell carcinoma, it is concluded that treatment ofphimosis should be planned according to its histologic pattern and not according toIts monotonous clinical appearance.

Development of the human anterior urethra.

Dermatoses of the glans penis and prepuce.

Hypospadias hidden by a complete prepuce.

Physicians who perform circumcision should fully retract the prepuce to detect occult hypospadias before completing the procedure, as it is generally thought that boys with hypos padias have a dorsal hooded prepuce resulting from incomplete development of the ventral phallus.

Clinical presentation and pathophysiology of meatal stenosis following circumcision.

Preservation of the frenular artery at circumcision, or the use of an alternative procedure (preputial plasty), may be advisable when foreskin surgery is required, to avoid meatal stenosis after circumcision.

The conservative treatment of phimosis in boys.

Treatment with 0.05% betamethasone cream is a simple and safe method for the treatment of phimosis in boys older than 3 years and strongly supports the saying, "The fortunate foreskin of an infant boy will usually be left well alone by everyone but its owner'.