The preparation of narrow-line Mössbauer sources of 57Co in metallic matrices

  title={The preparation of narrow-line M{\"o}ssbauer sources of 57Co in metallic matrices},
  author={G. Longworth and B. Window},
  journal={Journal of Physics D},
The merits of various cubic matrices for the preparation of high-activity small-area sources of 57Co are discussed. The useful areal density of activity is limited to about 150 mCi cm−2 for all matrices owing to resonance broadening, and the thickness of the source foil is determined by self absorption and the generation of fluorescence x rays. Electrostatic broadening and the change of isomer shift with age are shown to be relatively unimportant for sources of the above density of activity on… Expand
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Electrodeposition of carrier-free 57Co on rhodium as an approach to the preparation of Mössbauer sources.