The prefrontal cortex: Projection area of the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus?

  title={The prefrontal cortex: Projection area of the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus?},
  author={Hans Joachim Markowitsch and Monika Pritzel},
The historical bases of the definitions of the prefrontal cortex are reviewed (cytoarchitecture, electrical unexcitability, afferents from the mediodorsal thalamic nucleus). Evidence is presented that the widely accepted proposal of Rose and Woolsey (1948) to name all cortex prefrontal that is reached by afferents from the mediodorsal nucleus is questionable for three reasons: the diversity of cortical fields reached by the mediodorsal nucleus, the overlapping of thalamic projections, and the… 
Cortical projections of the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus in the rat. Definition of the prefrontal cortex.
It is concluded that at least in the rat, cortical projections of the MD are selective enough to be used as the basis for definition of the prefrontal cortex.
The insular region: Part of the prefrontal cortex?
The primate mediodorsal (MD) nucleus and its projection to the frontal lobe
The widespread cortical targets of MD neurons together with evidence for multiple thalamic inputs to prefrontal areas support a revision of the classical hodological definition of prefrontal cortex as the exclusive cortical recipient of MD projections.
Topographical organization of the efferent projections of the medial prefrontal cortex in the rat: An anterograde tract‐tracing study with Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin
The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the topographical organization of efferent projections from the cytoarchitectonic divisions of the mPFC (the medial precentral, dorsal anterior
Activity changes following sulcal, but not medial, ablation of the prefrontal cortex of the guinea pig
It is concluded that, with respect to basic or unlearned functions, interspecies parallels can be drawn for the cortical projection area of the medial portion of the mediodorsal nucleus.
Prefrontal cortex of the cat: Paucity of afferent projections from the parietal cortex
Cat brains with cortical injections of horseradish peroxidase resulting in labelled cells in the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus (MD) were screened for afferent projections from the parietal cortex, revealing possible differences in the parieto-prefrontal organization of both species.
Cortical and thalamic afferent connections of the insular and adjacent cortex of the cat
With the exception of the labeling in the prefrontal cortex and the inferotemporal region, the labeled cells were very narrowly restricted to the presylvian, the suprasylVian, and the splenial sulcus.


The organization of projections from the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus to the prefrontal cortex of the dog
A study of the thalamofrontal connections of the dog was made by placing total or restricted lesions in the prefrontal cortex and examining the resulting retrograde degeneration in the mediodorsal
The connections of the dorsomedial nuclei.
  • C. Leonard
  • Biology, Psychology
    Brain, behavior and evolution
  • 1972
The connections of the mediodorsal nucleus were compared in rats, cats and monkeys and the paralamellar portion received from the cerebellum, superior colliculus and spinal cord and projects to the medial frontal area in rats and area 8 in monkeys.
The Thalamic Connections of the Parietal and Frontal Lobes of the Brain in the Monkey
The investigation of which this communication represents a report was undertaken in the first place in order to define precisely the manner in which the main sensory nucleus of the thalamus (nucleus ventralis) is projected on to the sensory areas of the cortex.
The cortical projections of the mediodorsal nucleus and adjacent thalamic nuclei in the rat
The mediodorsal nucleus of the rat thalamus has been divided into medial, central and lateral segments, and these segments have been shown by experiments using the autoradiographic method of demonstrating axonal connections to project to seven distinct cortical areas covering most of the frontal pole of the hemisphere.
Learning and the prefrontal cortex of the cat: Anatomico-behavioral interrelations
Relationships between specific learning tasks and ablation of the prefrontal cortex in the cat are reviewed. The cat’s prefrontal area is defined, and its anatomical connections are enumerated.