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The practice of social work : applications of generalist and advanced content

  title={The practice of social work : applications of generalist and advanced content},
  author={Charles H. Zastrow},
Provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge about social work practice. The book covers generalist practice as well as more advanced perspectives on counseling theories that inform social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. 
An Ethical Practice Dilemma Involving a New Social Work Graduate: Implications for Social Work Practice
A case study is presented regarding the experience of a first-year, Australian, social work undergraduate faced with attempting to balance professional social work values with those of another discipline and client goals.
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Information about students is important to social service agency managers when they consider the question of fieldwork placement provision. This article addresses how student information may
Fieldwork placement for social work students: what persuades managers to open the agency door?
The provision of fieldwork placement is a crucial component of social work education in a student’s preparation for the profession. The international literature identifies both a shortage of
Is Afrocentricity Marginalized in Social Work Education? A Survey of HBSE Instructors
This study looked at social work HBSE instructors' use, knowledge, and support of Molefi Asante's Afrocentricity paradigm. A sample of HBSE instructors (N = 85) at accredited social work programs
The Process of Pedagogical Culture Formation in the Future Social Worker
The paper is aimed at studying the features of pedagogical culture formation in future social workers and developing methods to improve the professional and pedagogical preparation quality of
Organization of Social Work Practice in Community Through the Aspect of Developing Learning to Learn Competence: Students’ Opinions
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A Priori vs. Experiential Models of Parenting in the Assessment of Mothering
This article examines parenting paradigms that influence decisions in child protective services and the assessment of mothering. These perspectives are defined as a priori and experiential. The
An Analysis of Afrocentricity as Theory for Social Work Practice
Afrocentricity is developing rapidly within the social work profession as a theory for practice with African Americans. Afrocentric practitioners claim the theory provides a basis for understanding
Role and challenges of school social workers in facilitating and supporting the inclusiveness of children with special needs in regular schools
Dynamic of the society development is associated with extension of social problems, notably in educational context. The role of school, as the main public institution for social development of the
Social work with families at social risk promoting gender equality
The article is based on the research whose aim is to find out the attitudes of social workers toward gender equality. The qualitative research was carried out in 2014 in order to find out social