The post-antibiotic era is here

  title={The post-antibiotic era is here},
  author={Jennie H. Kwon and William G. Powderly},
  pages={471 - 471}
Imagine a world where routine surgery or chemotherapy is considered too dangerous because there are no drugs to prevent or treat bacterial infections. Unless researchers develop new antibiotics and therapeutics, the decimation of modern medicine will soon become a reality. Scientists have long recognized that much stronger incentives for research and development are needed to avoid this scenario. Yet, the rise of “superbugs” has continued, making a pandemic of antibiotic resistance a major… 
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Revisiting Antibiotic Resistance: Mechanistic Foundations to Evolutionary Outlook
Antibiotics are the pivotal pillar of contemporary healthcare and have contributed towards its advancement over the decades. Antibiotic resistance emerged as a critical warning to public wellbeing
Clinical trials with antiviral drugs against COVID‐19: some progress and many shattered hopes
Large pragmatic clinical trials particularly of the British RECOVERY trial series demonstrated that even under emergency situation drug trials can be conducted in a timely way such that the therapy of COVID‐19 patients can be based on evidence basis instead on expert opinion or even worse on political pressure.
Modeling the Structure of Crystalline Alamethicin and Its NMR Chemical Shift Tensors
It is demonstrated how an analysis of the SSNMR measurements can benefit from fully periodic calculations, which employ the plane-wave density-functional theory (PW DFT) of the solid-phase geometry and related spectral parameters of ALM.