The positional control of mitosis and cytokinesis in higher-plant cells

  title={The positional control of mitosis and cytokinesis in higher-plant cells},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Inmaculada Gim{\'e}nez-Abi{\'a}n and Lidia Sabbag Utrilla and Jos{\'e} L. C{\'a}novas and G. Gim{\'e}nez-martin and Matilde H. Navarrete and Consuelo de la Torre},
The present work establishes a correlation between cell length and patterns of mitotic microtubular assemblies in Allium cepa L. root meristems. Binucleate cells were formed by a short caffeine treatment which aborted the formation of the phragmoplast during telophase. The largest binucleate cells (about 50 μm in length) behaved as two contiguous mononucleate cells in their next mitosis: they developed two preprophase bands (PPBs), one around each nucleus, where two spindles and two… CONTINUE READING


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