The portrait of breast cancer and Raphael's La Fornarina

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"I'm still who I was" creating meaning through engagement in art: The experiences of two breast cancer survivors.

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A Parotid Tumor in the Renaissance.

Another likely representation of parotid disease in the fresco ‘‘The Preaching of the Antichrist’’ by the Renaissance artist Luca Signorelli supports the hypothesis regarding the presence of salivary gland diseases during the Renaissance.

Diagnostic accuracy of triple test in breast pathologies of women above 20 years of age

Triple test of breast pathologies is a reliable method and allows detection of Breast lump or change in breast texture in an effective manner, and undue delay in treatment can be minimized by using this modality in limited resource country.


ABSTRACT Napoleon's most famous innovation in his legendary military career was the use of the daunting Grande Armée with an emphasis on speed, maneuverability, and maintaining the offensive. Yet

Monte Carlo simulations shed light on Bathsheba's suspect breast

By using Monte Carlo simulations in combination with the retinex theory of color vision, it is shown that it is highly unlikely that breast cancer results in a local bluish discoloration of the skin as is present on Bathsheba's breast.

Did Rubens' Delilah have Mondor's disease?

A female model for his paintings of Samson and Delilah and the Three Graces has apparent right‐sided breast abnormalities.

A Renaissance view of breast disease: Systematic review.

Poster: "ECR 2011 / C-0504 / A Renaissance view of breast disease: Systematic review." by: "F. P. Kestelman, M. Balaro, C. D. Conti; Rio De Janeiro/BR"

Breast Cancer in Art Painting

The themes from the breast cancer in famous art paintings are discussed and it is shown that breast cancer is an emotive cancer.



The Great Master

YEARS PASSED IN THIS WAY, this duU, grey quotidian. I was nothing, an endless succession of days, today disappearing into the blur of a past so undistinguished as barely to exist. I decided to eat

Neoplastic Diseases: A Treatise on Tumours

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[Rembrandt and breast cancer].

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