The portable dictionary of the mouse genome: a personal database for gene mapping and molecular biology

  title={The portable dictionary of the mouse genome: a personal database for gene mapping and molecular biology},
  author={R W Williams},
  journal={Mammalian Genome},
  • R. W. Williams
  • Published 1 June 1994
  • Biology, Computer Science
  • Mammalian Genome
The Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome is a database for personal computers that contains information on approximately 10,000 loci in the mouse, along with data on homologs in several other mammalian species, including human, rat, cat, cow, and pig. Key features of the dictionary are its compact size, its network independence, and the ability to convert the entire dictionary to a wide variety of common application programs. Another significant feature is the integration of DNA sequence… 
Indexing and Retrieval for Genomic Databases
It is shown experimentally that the indexed approach results in significant savings in computationally intensive local alignments and that index-based searching is as accurate as existing exhaustive search schemes.
Genetic and Genomic Web Resources for Research on Alcohol Use and Abuse
Below is a short list of both well-known and more esoteric resources, many of which have been supported by NIAAA, that can be used as a complement to the set of reviews in this special issue.
GeneNetwork: A Toolbox for Systems Genetics.
This protocol explains how to use the GeneNetwork web service, a powerful and free online resource for systems genetics, and provides two detailed case studies that take advantage of human and mouse cohorts to evaluate linkage between gene variants, addiction, and aging.
An Internet atlas of mouse development.
  • B. S. Williams, M. Doyle
  • Biology
    Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society
  • 1996
Mapping the Bst mutation on mouse Chromosome 16: a model for human optic atrophy
A striking abnormality in optic nerves of mice that are heterozygous for the spontaneous mutation belly spot and tail (Bst) is identified, a semi-dominant, homozygous lethal mutation that arose in the inbred strain C 57BLKS (BKS; previously denoted C57BL/Ks).
404 not found: the stability and persistence of URLs published in MEDLINE
An automated survey was conducted to quantify the growth in Uniform Resource Locators published to date in MEDLINE abstracts, their current availability and distribution by journal, and shows that journals vary disproportionately in the number of web citations published.


A genetic map of the mouse with 4,006 simple sequence length polymorphisms
This map represents the two–thirds point toward the goal of developing a mouse genetic map containing 6,000 SSLPs, and there is a significant underrepresentation of markers on the X chromosome.
Genetic maps.
Armed with detailed maps and precise manipulation techniques it is possible to associate genes with phenotypes, test the function of genes and to unravel complex traits that depend on the interaction of different genes.
Authors and readers
With the publication of the fourth volume of Mammalian Genome, many of you are now aware that Jan Klein has retired as the European editor and that Peter Goodfellow has stepped into his place, but it is pleased that Jan has agreed to remain on the editorial board, where his input can still be heard.
A genetic map of the mouse suitable for typing intraspecific crosses.
We report the construction of a genetic linkage map of the mouse, consisting entirely of genetic markers that can be rapidly typed by polymerase chain reaction and that show a high degree of
Mouse map of paralogous genes
The skeletal form of the myosin gene (Myhs) and the gene encoding the [3 chain of the acetylcholine recep tor (Acrb) are closely linked on Chromosome (Chr).
Genetic Maps: Locus Maps of Complex Genomes
Human genome research is one of the dominant themes of science in the 1990s and new technologies and concepts are emerging from the analysis of other organisms' genes and chromosomes.
A genetic linkage map of the mouse: current applications and future prospects.
This work presents a new generation of high-resolution genetic linkage maps for the mouse that offer exciting prospects for understanding mammalian genome evolution through comparative mapping, for developing mouse models of human disease, and for identifying the function of all genes in the organism.
RI manager, a microcomputer program for analysis of data from recombinant inbred strains
RI Manager is a microcomputer program for storage and analysis of genetic mapping data from recombinant inbred strains. The program rapidly identifies statistically significant linkage between known
Gene list of the laboratory mouse
  • In Genetic Maps. Locus Maps of Complex Genomes,
  • 1993
A genetic linkage map
  • 1993