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The populist revolt against globalisation

  title={The populist revolt against globalisation},
  author={Ren{\'e} Cuperus},
2017 was declared to be the Year of Populism.‍‍[1] After Brexit and the surprising Trumpvictory, nearly all commentators expected a populist tsunami taking over the Western political space. With crucial elections at stake – in the Netherlands, France, Germany – it was to be expected that the nationalist-populist revolt against the establishment would also succeed in Continental Europe, endangering both the European Union and harmonious multicultural relations. It turned out completely different… Expand
Backlash Against Globalisation and the Shadow of Phobos
  • M. Rewizorski
  • Political Science
  • Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2020
This article addresses challenges to the established international order. Its critique becomes particularly discernible at the domestic level, where political and economic frameworks are contested byExpand
Diversity in Europe: from Pluralism to Populism?
Diversity and pluralism have always been central values in intergovernmental settings on the European continent . The Council of Europe (CoE) is founded on the core values of democracy, human rightsExpand


A Populist Zeitgeist? The Impact of Populism on Parties, Media and the Public in Western Europe
Various scholars have claimed that populism has become mainstream in Western Europe, and that we are therefore witnessing a populist ‘Zeitgeist’ in this part of the world. This dissertation puts thisExpand
Populism on the March Why the West Is in Trouble
  • 2017
Donald Trump’s admirers and critics would probably agree on one thing: he is different. One of his chief Republican supporters, Newt Gingrich, describes him as a “unique, extraordinary experience.”Expand
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