The population genetics of the haemoglobinopathies.

  title={The population genetics of the haemoglobinopathies.},
  author={Jonathan Flint and Rosalind M. Harding and Anthony J Boyce and John B. Clegg},
  journal={Bailliere's clinical haematology},
  volume={11 1},
The haemoglobinopathies are the commonest single-gene disorders known, almost certainly because of the protection they provide against malaria, as attested by a number of observations. The geographical distributions of malaria and haemoglobinopathies largely overlap, and microepidemiological surveys confirm the close relationship between them. For two of the commonest disorders, haemoglobin S and alpha(+)-thalassaemia, there is also good clinical evidence for protection against malaria… CONTINUE READING

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