The polypeptide 310-helix as a template and a spacer


X-ray diffraction analyses have provided detailed structural information on the 310-helices of (i) pBrBz-d-(αMe)Phe-(Aib)2-d-(αMe)Phe-Aib-OtBu and Ac-(Aib)2-l-Lys(Bz)-(Aib)2-l-Lys(Bz)-(Aib)2-NHMe as suitable templates for molecular recognition studies, and (ii) pBrBz-TOAC-(l-Ala)2-TOAC-l-Ala-NHtBu as an appropriate spacer for an ESR study of side chain to… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00119149


2 Figures and Tables

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