The politics of presidential illness

  title={The politics of presidential illness},
  author={Robert E. Gilbert},
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Abstract This paper assesses the likelihood that the Iran-Contra scandal was shaped heavily by the effects of Ronald Reagan's cancer surgery in summer, 1985. During the President's hospitalization and in the period soon after, he took several actions—which he apparently did not remember—that launched a policy that was unwise, counterproductive, and a failure. These damaged both his Administration and his standing in history. The 25th Amendment afforded Reagan the means by which his involvement… 

Why Reagan was not impeached

  • Peter J. Ling
  • Political Science
    European Journal of American Culture
  • 2021
In the aftermath of Watergate and Vietnam, Congressional investigations uncovered the largely unknown activities of the CIA and other agencies, which included arming and interfering in the domestic

Executive dysfunction, brain aging, and political leadership

Age-related decline in executive function appears to be a relatively selective cognitive deterioration, generally sparing language and memory function, and based on the known neuroanatomical and neuropathological changes that occur with aging, it is likely that a significant proportion of political leaders over the age of 65 have impairment of executive function.

Neurologische Erkrankung und Politik



Attempted Assassination and Presidential Achievement: The Case of Ronald Reagan

Abstract Purpose – This study demonstrates that serious episodes of presidential ill health can have positive impacts on role performance. Design/methodology – The author utilizes both primary

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Few presidents have sparked as much interest in recent years as Ronald Reagan, already the subject of a large number of biographies and specialized subjects. This biography, based on recent research

The Mortal Presidency: Illness and Anguish in the White House

Gilbert, a professor of political science, examines the effects of physical and psychological illnesses on Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. The

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Following his departure from office, Ronald Reagan was marginalized thanks to liberal biases that dominate the teaching of American history, says John Patrick Diggins. Yet Reagan, like Lincoln (who

Fighting for Peace: Seven Critical Years in the Pentagon

My Personal Review: Most accounts of the Reagan administration characterize Casper Weinberger as the hawkish pro-military buidup Defense Secretary of the early years and the un-bending, un-yeilding

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An icon of the twentieth century, Ronald Reagan has earned a place among the most popular and successful U.S. presidents. In this compelling firsthand account of Reagan's presidency, Peter J.

President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination

Using the techniques he employed in his highly original bestselling books on Presidents Kennedy and Nixon, concentrating on the goals each president set for himself, Reeves takes us inside Reagan's

The Politics of the Presidency

  • J. Coakley
  • History
    The Oxford Handbook of Irish Politics
  • 2021
This chapter assesses the political role of the President of Ireland, exploring the tension between the authority implied by direct election and the limited powers explicitly granted to the President

Saving the Reagan Presidency: Trust Is the Coin of the Realm

What did the president know, and when did he know it? Once again, only a dozen years after Watergate, the nation faced these troubling questions. Would we see another president forced to resign or be

Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism

Introduction. Editor's & Author's Preface 1. A Midwestern Boyhood. 2. Surviving the Great Depression. 3. The Making of a Hollywood Star. 4. Fighting the Cold War. 5. The Shift to Conservatism. 6.