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The political life of children

  title={The political life of children},
  author={Robert Coles},
Robert Coles, one of the most eminent child psychiatrists in the world, spent over a decade researching this book and its companion volume, The Moral Life of Children. Coles visits children all over the world, listening with willing ears, and he captures their thoughts and feelings with remarkable sympathy.As Coles demonstrates in this fascinating work, children learn much more than we think they do about political issues. While we have always taken it for granted that parents teach their… 
The Relevance of Narrative Research with Children Who Witness War and Children Who Witness Woman Abuse
  • H. Berman
  • Psychology
    Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Current Issues in Research, Intervention, Prevention, and Policy Development
  • 2018
Summary Children throughout the world have many opportunities to witness violence, in the home and on the battlefield. While the experiences of children of war and children of battered women vary
The SAGE Handbook of Child Research
INTRODUCTION The Nature and Scope of Child Research: Learning About Children's Lives - Gary B. Melton PART ONE: SETTING-SPECIFIC ISSUES IN CHILD RESEARCH The Setting of Childhood - Asher Ben-Arieh
Children and Military Conflict: Current Issues and Treatment Implications.
Children's perceptions of war, emotional resilient during times of conflict (Coles, responses, and their subsequent coping 1987; Goldberg et al., 1985; Goldenring & strategies all seem to rely on a
Recognizing politics in the nursery: Early childhood education institutions as sites of mundane politics
In his inspirational article titled ‘Bringing politics into the nursery’, Peter Moss argues for early childhood institutions to become places of ‘democratic political practice’. In this article, the
Displaced Children: Psychological Theory and Practice from the Field
On-going political crises around the world have created a sense of urgency among the international community about the need to provide psychosocial support to displaced children. But are we prepared
The ‘Child Sciences’, Social Sciences and Childhood Studies
This begins with a brief look at paediatric medicine where some of the first steps toward the growing interest in children are to be found. Child psychiatry and then developmental psychology are
The Peril and Promise of Childhood: Ethical Implications for Tomorrow's Teachers
The purpose of this essay is to stimulate consideration of the roles that teachers might play in promoting social justice both with and for school-age youth. It is proposed that adopting an ethical
American and Soviet Adolescents’ Attitudes toward the Future: The Relationship between Worry about Nuclear War and Optimism
Despite continuing efforts to achieve a major and lasting arms control agreement, the existence of large numbers of nuclear weapons is perceived by many as constituting a grave threat to the future
From Individual Child to War Youth: The Construction of Collective Experience among Evacuated Japanese Children during World War II
ABSTRACT Studies of childhood in Japan frequently neglect to engage with the texts and images that young people produced, focusing instead on the adult imagination of youth. By looking solely at
Introduction: Childhood and Nation
At the various intersections of academic disciplines, a rich body of work has been produced about the manifold ways that the notions of childhood and nation interweave. Nation and childhood provide